Thursday, September 3, 2020

How to Install Solar System at Home By Yourself Anywhere in the World

The Sun is really an essential part of human lives, the sun brightens the day, gives us heat as a source of energy to warm up the whole environment and the sun also regulates the climate across the globe. When we wash our clothes and spread outside the sun dries them for us.
   Solar is also a beautiful thing in the sense it can be used to convert the Solar Energy (Heat + Light) directly to Electricity.
Yes the Technology has been around for a while but not readily utilised globally.
The device that converts the Solar Energy to Electricity is the Solar Panels or the Voltaic Cells. There are two kinds of Solar Panels, the Pollycrystaline  and the Monocrystaline Solar panels. The Solar Panels converts the Solar Power to from the Sun Directly to DC Power. The DC Power is the Direct Current type of Electricity which is the type Used and produced by  Car batteries. DC power source is a two terminal source and has a positive (+) and Negative (-) terminals.
Conventionally Electric Current flows out through the Positive Terminal and and Flows back to the DC source through the Negative Terminal.
The purpose of this how to is to teach you how you can connect all the devices used in Solar installation by yourself without paying for an Electrician to do it for you.
The devices you need for the installation includes:
1 Solar Panel(s)
2 Solar Charge Controller
3 Battery(s)
4 Inverter
That is for the Basics but let's break it down.
You will need the solar Panels to trap actual Electricity from the Sun.
The Solar Charge Controller Charges and regulates the power coming from the panel to the battery. Battery are always basically 12Volts like all the Batteries used in Gasoline Cars, though there may be different Amperage rating like 75AH, 100AH, 150AH and 200AH. AH means the Amper Hours that is the amount of Charge the battery can store up on a single Charge.
The Charging is done by the Charge Controller and it makes sure the battery is never over Charged. The working voltage of most Batteries is between 11Volts to 14.8 Volts. The Controller makes sure the battery stayed at these range without being drained to anything less than 5Volts or being Charged to anything over 15Volts.

Tesla products and the Nigerian Market

Nigeria is a Country in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa and one the best performing countries in Africa in Terms of GDP.
Tesla however is an American Based Energy Company Which Sells Electric Vehicles, Solar and Battery products both for homes and for Industrial use.
The Tesla Electric Vehicles come in different models and sizes, models includes:
     Tesla Mode 3
     Tesla Model S
     Tesla model Y
     Tesla Cybertruck
     Tesla Roadster
...and others.
We even have Tesla Semi but really not yet on the road.
Then these fleet of cars are just as fleek as the mobile phones as the car can be changed just Like a normal phone and used while driving and you can recharge at home or at any Tesla  Super Charging Stations depending on your location.
Tesla cars uses Lithium Batteries just like the ones found on mobile phones but with more complex and powerful energy capacity which can be used to drive a car for ranges ranging from 100 to 400 miles.
Tesla cars does not use Fuel and deos not have a combustion engine thus it doesn't not produce smoke nor heat, instead Electric Motors power the wheels.
Apart from the Tesla cars which can be charged, Tesla has what is called the Tesla PowerWall which is a Power backup system that provides the home with clean Electricity using a Tesla Battery and Inverter system. The Tesla PowerWall is basically designed to work with Tesla Solar Panels but also it has a hybrid system whereby the system is allowed to be connected to the  National power Grid to store charge. The PowerWalls come in different Sizes of Capacities of different Killo Watts Hours.
I will come back to the Tesla omnipotent systems later on let me pause for now.
Back here in Nigeria it's obvious you really can not see any Tesla car in any Nigerian road which makes Tesla not readily available to Nigerians and Nigeria roads by default. What am I testing to say? Okay calm down.
Well Tesla is really a Luxury product but that does not mean Nigerians can not afford it,  some Nigerians can afford the Tesla EVs but the Nigerian Auto Market is not yet matured enough to have a Tesla  Electric Vehicles EV running here.
So what is the problem here?
Is it a Tesla or a Nigerian problen?
It is really not a Tesla problem but the Nigerian problem yes.
Let me break it down,
Firstly as one of the developing nations there is no Tesla Charge Station here and there is no Tesla Showroom here in Nigeria as of the tinye of writing this post (August 2020)
That means for you to have a Tesla car in Nigeria you will be the one responsible for the charging of the Vehicle probably at your home. There you go again, What is the power requirement for a single charge of a Tesla car?  Ohh Ohhkay that could be as much as 200KWH of Electtic power but that is just an estimated rough guess.

Modelling an Electric Vehicle Class Like Tesla Using Java

 The concept of Java and Java programming is that everything is a Class within the Java Environment.

It means any program you develop using the Java programming language is really and nothing but a class of some sort.
How does this make more sense to you?
Well it is a medeling concept from the real world, and the real world is really but analogue in nature. While in  computers everything is digital and only the 1s and 0s make sense to any computing system.

Take for instance we want to model a car, in this case we are going to be modelling and Electric Car ie car without any combustion systems but has electric system.
An Electric Vehicle will also have states, the states include:
Engine Off
Engine On
Navigation On
The states could overlap, for instance an Electric Vehicle Parked and Discharging at the same time or Parked and is Charging.
 An Electric car does not have a combustion engine but it has a battery system meaning there is the concept of Voltage, Amperage and Wattage characteristics of the battery which is also part of the car Class or model.
The car will have an electric motor which converts the Electrical Energy from the Battery to a rotational motion, which is a mechanical energy for the tires.
The car will have say two seats, in our example. Obviously our car is going to have Tires too and in our case four tires.
A steering is another thing our car should have because it's not a Self-Driving model that may not require a steering.
The Electric Car will also have a body or frame or Chassis that houses everything about the car. Of course our car model is going to have two headlights.
Let me pause for a while here and return to the software engineering aspect again using Java.
To develop a Java application you need three basic things. First is a Text Editor to write the code, and Secondly a Java Compiler and thirdly the Java Runtime Environment or the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
I will come to that later, now let us focus on the car modelling.
Software Engineering is really an abstraction of the real world, in our a case an Electric Vehicle.
If a car is to be manufactured, normally it has to be in the factory  where cars are manufactured but wait a minute there are Open Source cars,  yes Open Source car models you actually can build at home within two hours. We are not going to talk about the physical car production yet just the modelling.
Good now let's come back to Java,
There is a keyword in Java programming that let's you start a class declaration and that keyword is "Class"
So we can say in our Source file which can be generated using any text Editor like the below statement

   Class ElectricVehicle
{ //Codes for Electric Vehicle class
  //Goes Here

In the example above we are just declaring a class but Just wait we are just starting to Learn Java the crazy way this is not the actual implementation of the Java programming but a wayo to let you Joe Joe things work in the programming world.
The Name of the Class is 'ElectricVehicle' then followed by an opening and closing Curly Brackets.
This is modelling don't forget and we have an empty class with a name ElectricVehicle.
We just declared a class but without any definitions yet about that class.
This is just a Software Defined Model of a car class.
We could continue again with the addition of Objects to the class like this example bellow

    Class ElectricVehicle
Steering S1;
Motor M1;
Tire T1;
Tire T2;
Battery B1;
Using our ElectricVehicle class above
it has class fields the fields are: one Steering field, one Motor field, Two Tire fields and One Battery field.
But we are not limited to any number of fields as we might need to have more fields added to our class in the future life of the Class.
Using this analogy you may want to build say a GUI  app using Java specifically for Android which has just one Button.

In Software Engineering you will have to understand the concept of building the application programme process.
In our example we are just modelling just to understand the concept of Set theory.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hire Remote Senior Java Programmers Working from Nigeria.

I am Java Prince the Prince of Java Programmers in Nigeria.
I will start by teaching you today what programming is all about using Java and or English as the introducing Language.
To start with, I am not an expert in Java but I really can teach you the basics of Java programming language.
Ohh how did we get here?

Programming is really the act of writing codes that will instruct the Computer what to do. And what Are the things a Computer can do?
Many things: A Computer can be used to play a music file (300kB .MP3), writing, ohh no I mean typing unless you are writing with a stylus penπŸ–️ on a digital touch surface larger than the 10 ten Commandments tablets.
Enough of the Jokes but this is only what Elongated Musk has turned the internet into. 
Anyway I was about telling you that a computer is actually a stone that has wires Embedded inside of it and these many stones are connected externally by more further and bigger wires with slower frequencies and after that the stones are enclosed inside of plastics or perhaps other metals or More finer stones like Diamonds.....
Ohh no I'm hungry I will be back...of a device w and  and generate a text file, you can do calculations, you can do 2D drawing and 3D drawing. You can also ise a Computer to play games. Computers can be used as Artificial Intelligent Agents using a machine learning model as the software layerd (installed) on the hardware.
You can connect a computer to the internet so that it can communicate with other  Computers to share data.
Your phone, wether Android or iPhone is also another king of Computer, the have Processors, the have RAM and Input and Output systems. A portable calcuator is also a computing device though very special type of Computer or Embedded microchip.
The microcomputer architecture is really based on the fact that a Processor, a memory ( RAM) and the Input/Output devices make up a Computer.

Well knowing is not enough, we might know yet not know how to teach that which we know...
Looks like a BIOELECTRICAL ERROR⬇️πŸ™„πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦✍️