Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hire Java Programmers in Nigeria

I am Javaprince the Prince of Java Programmers in Nigeria.
I will start by teaching you today what programming is all about using Java as the introducing Language.
To start with, I am not an expert in Java but I really can teach you the basics of Java programming language.
Programming is really the act of writing codes that will instruct the Computer what to do. And what Are the things a Computer can do?
Many things: You can ise Computer to play a music file, write and generate a text file, you can do calculations, you can do 2D drawing and 3D drawing. You can also ise a Computer to play games. Computers can be used as Artificial Intelligent Agents using a machine learning model as the software layerd (installed) on the hardware.
You can connect a computer to the internet so that it can communicate with other  Computers to share data.
Your phone, wether Android or iPhone is also another king of Computer, the have Processors, the have RAM and Input and Output systems. A portable calcuator is also a computing device though very special type of Computer or Embedded microchip.
The microcomputer architecture is really based on the fact that a Processor, a memory ( RAM) and the Input/Output devices make up a Computer.

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