Thursday, September 3, 2020

Tesla products and the Nigerian Market

Nigeria is a Country in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa and one the best performing countries in Africa in Terms of GDP.
Tesla however is an American Based Energy Company Which Sells Electric Vehicles, Solar and Battery products both for homes and for Industrial use.
The Tesla Electric Vehicles come in different models and sizes, models includes:
     Tesla Mode 3
     Tesla Model S
     Tesla model Y
     Tesla Cybertruck
     Tesla Roadster
...and others.
We even have Tesla Semi but really not yet on the road.
Then these fleet of cars are just as fleek as the mobile phones as the car can be changed just Like a normal phone and used while driving and you can recharge at home or at any Tesla  Super Charging Stations depending on your location.
Tesla cars uses Lithium Batteries just like the ones found on mobile phones but with more complex and powerful energy capacity which can be used to drive a car for ranges ranging from 100 to 400 miles.
Tesla cars does not use Fuel and deos not have a combustion engine thus it doesn't not produce smoke nor heat, instead Electric Motors power the wheels.
Apart from the Tesla cars which can be charged, Tesla has what is called the Tesla PowerWall which is a Power backup system that provides the home with clean Electricity using a Tesla Battery and Inverter system. The Tesla PowerWall is basically designed to work with Tesla Solar Panels but also it has a hybrid system whereby the system is allowed to be connected to the  National power Grid to store charge. The PowerWalls come in different Sizes of Capacities of different Killo Watts Hours.
I will come back to the Tesla omnipotent systems later on let me pause for now.
Back here in Nigeria it's obvious you really can not see any Tesla car in any Nigerian road which makes Tesla not readily available to Nigerians and Nigeria roads by default. What am I testing to say? Okay calm down.
Well Tesla is really a Luxury product but that does not mean Nigerians can not afford it,  some Nigerians can afford the Tesla EVs but the Nigerian Auto Market is not yet matured enough to have a Tesla  Electric Vehicles EV running here.
So what is the problem here?
Is it a Tesla or a Nigerian problen?
It is really not a Tesla problem but the Nigerian problem yes.
Let me break it down,
Firstly as one of the developing nations there is no Tesla Charge Station here and there is no Tesla Showroom here in Nigeria as of the tinye of writing this post (August 2020)
That means for you to have a Tesla car in Nigeria you will be the one responsible for the charging of the Vehicle probably at your home. There you go again, What is the power requirement for a single charge of a Tesla car?  Ohh Ohhkay that could be as much as 200KWH of Electtic power but that is just an estimated rough guess.

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