Saturday, March 27, 2021

When JavaScript Becomes Embedded

 Full Stack , the HTML CSS and the JavaScript Saga and Post Pandemic of 2025. It is very important to understand the main features/requirements of front End programs.

Front ends are just the main physical/visual components we see on the screen of a web app/page.

That should not be a problem to you to understand. Any device that has a browser can run/display *CSS which is actually a single file and or an embedded structure inside an HTML file. And it this CSS that does all the Painting work for HTML file, whether the file is local on the device where the CSS and HTML files were created or remote device in another planet running a reachable HTTP/FTP Web Server. To start learning how to program fullstack  you really must want to be a programmer already after all.


JavaScript on the other hand which is still part of the Front End Stack is a little bit complex and a quasi structured  Language unlike like every other programming language.

Take for instance  Java which is not a scripting language like Python and PHP can actually and must be compiled before using the code which compiles to a programme file which is a binary for JVM.

Of truth the Scripting Languages which JavaScript is one  are still binaries but it is a constructed binary with Characters of Unicode or Utf8 as any body can read the source file as long as you have the program with you.

Just for the Memes

Java Prince Embedded

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