Friday, March 4, 2022

Over Digitisation and how Humans are all outgrowing Writing and all are now Typing... Instead

What is the history and how has humans outgrown writing with pen and paper?
A very interested question that popped up on my mind this morning and it was like I do not really know to whom to refer the question to.
The Globe is no longer sweet as it used to be on Earth when we were kids, the news of wars, hunger, pandemic, climate change and natural disasters make the media so digitalised that we now consume everything media electronically.
It was a very horrible feeling when I realised I'm doing more typing than writing which in turn has been an incredible amount of feelings.
Before the pendamic so many of the Big Tech companies were raking in profits in billions, companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft just to mention a few were on booming  side of Tech. 
Just to sound more funny I love economics and  cosplaying as pilot or Fisherman in real time.
The Russian-Ukraine Saga is giving me worries and we have not been able to admit the fact that we are almost running out of time.
Like Elon Musk tweeted, 'and it begins' Boom that was it  which actually began we have been doing more of typing than writing.
Hahaahah who really love to write?

Obviously this  text message is 1% generated by  Artificial Intelligence (AI )
And we are having a hard time looking at its reality.

Rolling my money 💰💸 in real time from a dot ng hostname.
Anyways let's get back to CSS and animations 
Css transformation vs CSS animations which...

It's obviously not what I can do with pen and Paper so I used Embedded Instruments.

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