Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Clean Energy Transition Patents ✍️🇳🇬⚡📊

PrinceJava With the over 8 Billion people sharing the same SUN everyday, did we planned to  balance these Energy Imbalances in our Economies 
The  total lost of access of the PEOPLE to natural Gas, Water, Electricity, Telecommunications, Food, housing and Transportation is creating an Artificial Supply Chain Scams.
We need to answer a few questions both the Government and Big Tech Companies, what is the way forward?
Can we luxuriousely buy our way to a better, cleaner and sustainable lives without a climate conscious decision making routine?
The Cost of Governance
The Education Scams
The Political Scams
The Job Scams
The Food Scams
and the Distorted Colonial and Missionary History Books.
Ain't we tired of Jokes all the time?
No Time...
These Semiconductor Research papers need to be Signed ✍️

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Why the World is nearing an Environmental Collapse

For decades we have been looking at how we got here from literally nowhere, yet I keep shouting this humans are loosing it to AI in real time as we are not going to war with machines that consume no food but instead just ELECTRIC Current.
Immortality is not far from here.
People are too Religious without even being spiritual.
Out Palm Plantation and Cashew Plantations are at risk 

Monday, November 7, 2022


I was trying to be cool, they continue to bomberd my skull with Megawatt/Hertz from different kinds of Radioactive Machines after stealing my Land.
Dealing with information is harder than dealing with metals.
My so called family and their allies are trying their best to deny me of my Cognitive Rights.
And why is it so?
Targeted humans are dealing with Police and Immigration Issues..
But will be back to Hacking my Mind from people who illegitimately pollute my air.
I already have a neural surgery but I'm looking for a self made implant to assist me.