Monday, February 6, 2023

How Nigeria Energy Consumers contribute to the Slow Economic Growth of the Nigerian Economy

Wether it's your Air Conditioning Appliances or your Hot Plate you used to cook isiewu with on Sundays or your Electric Iron that you use for ironing your orishi rishi agbadas in your Wardrobe, they are all good but do you  really pay for your None Gas Energy Consumption?
How many Faithful Nigerians care about the Energy they consume and there by producing?
How many of us care about our nuclear power plans where these Available ELECTRICAL Power comes from?

Friday, January 20, 2023


While we are faced with the Industrial incompetence it does not mean we are not striving to make Nigeria better.
Who said Tesla is not in Nigeria?
They call me Java Prince  9JA but Musk call me his Elongated Solar Brother.
Not only The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution, the Hydrogen Gas on wheels (H)  is here and we are not left out.
With all the manpower and Engineering Graduates in Nigeria we should not just Note Copying Graduates who only Admin Whatsapp groups.